Mediator Accreditation Application

*** NMAS Approval and Practice Standards ***
These standards which apply from 1 July 2015 need to be read thoroughly before applying for national accreditation. Click here to download a PDF file of the NMAS Approval and Practice Standards 1 July 2015.

Please complete all applicable sections and ensure that all supporting documentation are emailed to, and payment of $100 (being for two years' MSB fees) is forwarded to VADR, GPO Box 127, Melbourne Vic 3001..


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Criteria for accreditation as a mediator

The mediator must have personal qualities and appropriate life, social and work experience to conduct the process independently and professionally.

To be accredited, the RMAB requires a mediator to provide evidence of the following:
• good character;
• an undertaking to comply with ongoing practice standards and compliance with any legislative and approval requirements;
• relevant insurance, statutory indemnity or employee status;
• membership with an appropriate association or organisation; and
• mediator competence.



The following qualification pathways demonstrate mediator competence. Applicants can select to apply for accreditation as a mediator or, by providing additional qualifications, as a specialist mediator.

Accredited Mediator

   Accredited Mediator
Please select one of the following qualification paths: A, B or C.

A. Experience qualified through work
I have worked as a mediator prior to 1 January 2008 and
    have provided information relevant to my experience, training and education which will enable VADR to determine
            whether I meet the competencies of the Practice Standards; and
    at least 20 hours of continuing professional development in every two year cycle and can evidence my attendance
            to VADR; and
    have conducted at least 25 hours of mediation, co-mediation or conciliation in the past 24 months;
where opportunity has prevented completion of 25 hours of practise in the past 24 months, completed:
    not less than 10 hours mediation, co-mediation or conciliation work per two year cycle and can evidence my
           attendance at top-up training or assessment.

B. Experience qualified as member or resident
I have worked as a mediator prior to 1 January 2008 and
I am member of a:
   linguistically and culturally diverse community for which specialised skills and knowledge are needed; or
I am a resident of a:
   rural or remote community where there is a difficulty in attending a mediation course or attaining tertiary or
          similar qualifications.

C. Training and education qualified
I have completed, in accordance with the competencies outlined in the Practice Standards:
   a mediation and education training course approved by the VADR (minimum 38 hours duration);
   a written skills assessment of mediator competence, and 1.5 hour mediation simulation.


Specialist Accredited Mediator

In addition to satisfying one of the above qualification pathways, persons seeking Specialist Accreditation must meet qualification pathway D.

  Specialist Accredited Mediator (Blended Process qualified)
          Field in which I am seeking specialist accreditation:

D. Blended Process qualified
In the professional area in which advice is to be given:
  registration, membership or equivalent of a relevant professional association;
  completion of an appropriate degree, equivalent qualification from a university or former college of advanced
          education (minimum 4 years FTE) or VET-approved organisation to a National Framework Level 6 standard;
          and 5 years professional work experience.



Good character
I, the undersigned, undertake that I:

Ongoing compliance
I undertake to comply with any relevant legislation, the Australian National Mediator Practice and Approval Standards and any other approval requirements nominated by VADR.

I undertake that I hold the relevant insurance or can verify my employee status, as detailed in my letter to VADR attached to this application. (Please email or post letter separately if submitting this application online - see our contact page for addresses)

As a current and fully paid-up member of the Victorian Association for Dispute Resolution Inc., I meet the requirement of membership of an appropriate association.

Mediator competence (tick the box that applies to you)
  Experience qualified through work
I undertake that I am an experience qualified mediator who meets the competencies and continuing professional development requirements of the Australian National Mediator Approval Standards; or

  Experience qualified through membership or residency
I undertake that I am a member of a linguistically or culturally diverse community or rural and remote community, and can provide evidence of such to VADR; or

  Qualified through training
I undertake that I have successfully completed a mediator education and training course that meets the threshold training and education requirements of the Australian National Mediator Approval Standards and which has been accepted as such by VADR; or

  Blended Process Qualified
I undertake that that I am a training qualified or an experienced qualified mediator who meets the additional requirements of the Australian National Mediator Approval Standards for those who wish to offer advice through the use of ‘blended’ process and can provide evidence of such to VADR.

Name:     Date:



ATTACHMENTS (Please tick each box for which you will be submitting documents. Please email or these documents to
  Completed Application, please ensure that you have read, signed and dated the declarations included in this application.
  Curriculum Vitae.
  Copies of Certificate of Attainment/ Successful Completion of applicable mediation training courses and/or knowledge
  Evidence of professional indemnity insurance or employment status (please provide a letter setting out your employee
          status, which includes your relevant insurance policy (number and expiry date). If you practice using a ‘blended’ model,
          in an advisory manner, please also include additional relevant information relating to how insurance, statutory or other
          immunities might apply).



  Copies of certificates of formal education eg Degree, Diploma or Certificate.
  Copies of proof of professional membership of relevant professional association.



Tick the boxes to confirm that you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions of accreditation as set out below:

  I hereby apply for mediator accreditation with VADR.
  I agree to comply with the requirements of accreditation as detailed in the Section 3 Criteria Declaration.
  I agree to supply information requested by the Committee from time to time for the evaluation of my application
          or re-approval process.
  I will undertake a Police Check if requested by VADR.
  I agree to work with the Committee and abide by their decisions concerning any action taken to remediate my
         conduct in light of any formal complaint received by the Committee.
  I authorise VADR to seek information from any party noted in this application and/or my supporting documents
          for the evaluation of my application or re-approval process.
  I agree to the publication of my name and accreditation details in the VADR Register of Accredited Practitioners.
  I request that my name, contact details and accreditation level be included on the Register of Accredited Practitioners
         as able to undertake contract mediation work (select only if applicable), which may be published by VADR at the discretion
         of the Committee.
  All information provided in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.
  I will observe the VADR Code of Conduct and confirm that:
                   1. I will act professionally, accurately and in an unbiased manner.
                   2. I will strive to increase the competence and prestige of my profession.
                   3. I will assist those in my employ or under my supervision in developing their professional competencies.
                   4. I will not undertake any assignments that I am not competent to perform.
                   5. I will not represent conflicting or competing interests and will disclose to any client or employer any
                       relationships that may influence my judgement.
                   6. I will not discuss or disclose any information relating to any mediation, other than as required by law.
                   7. I will not accept any inducement, commission, gift or any other benefit from client organisations, their
                       employees or any interested party or knowingly allow colleagues to do so.
                   8. I will not act in any way that would prejudice the reputation of VADR or the accreditation approval process
                       and will cooperate fully with an enquiry in the event of any alleged breach of this code.

Name:     Date:



For further details about the Australian National Mediator Standards please see the Approval and Practise Standards, which can be found on the VADR website.

Applicants who request consideration for special needs (eg language) should contact VADR for advice.

Applications must be submitted in English. Where translations of documents are provided, independent verification of the translation must accompany the application.

For the purposes of accreditation, Continuing Professional Development is defined by the Australian National Approval Standards as:
1. Attendance at CPD courses, educational programs, seminars or workshops on mediation or related skill areas
     referred to in the competencies (up to 20 hours).
2. External supervision or auditing of their clinical practise (up to 15 hours).
3. Presentations at mediation or ADR seminars or workshops including two hours preparation time (up to 16 hours).
4. Representing clients in four mediations (up to 8 hours).
5. Coaching, instructing or mentoring of trainee and/or less experienced mediators (up to 10 hours).
6. Role playing for trainee mediators and candidates for mediation assessment or observing mediations (up to 8 hours).
7. Mentoring of less experienced mediators and enabling observational opportunities (up to 10 hours).

For the purposes of accreditation, VADR accepts the following mediation training courses:
• Latrobe University
• Bond University
• Trillium
and any other course which meets the requirements as set out by the Australian National Approval Standards.

Please ensure that your application and supporting documents are complete and accurate prior to submission to avoid unnecessary delay in processing. Please ensure that you email or post supporting documents if submitting your application electronically.

For further information or enquiries about the Mediator Accreditation Scheme or application for accreditation, please contact the VADR Office via or the President via Tel. 1300 305 806

Thank you!
The VADR Committee